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1. According to IMDB, the first of the type was Another Part of the Forest in 1948. Can be traced to the original press kit for The Godfather II. The Oxford Dictionary mentions that this word first came up in the article The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in 1958. What is being referred to here ?


2. Actually lot easier than it sounds: W, the fine actor he is desired to play the role in X, but was offered Y the same year and he ended up taking the latter role. He eventually lost the Best Actor Oscar that year to Z who played the role of X in X. Name W, X, Y and Z.

W - Dustin Hoffman; X - Gandhi; Y - Tootsie; Z - Ben Kingsley.

3. Identify the fictional movie organisations from their logos and also the the movies which they feature.

a. Umbrella Corporation - Resident Evil
b. Weyland Yutani Corp - Alien Series
c. Omni Consumer Products - Robocop
d. Tyrell - Blade Runner
e. Cyberdyne Systems - Terminator Series

4. Thomas Dixon wrote a book The Clansman, which was made into the landmark film, The Birth of a Nation. However Dixon did not make money out of the movie. He went on to do something which created a Hollywood tradition. What did he do ?

Thomas Dixon went on make 'The Fall of a Nation', thereby making the first Sequel.

5. Id the brand ambassador .

Ronald Reagan.

6. Name the two characters and the creator.

Feluda and Topshe by Satyajit Ray

7. Identify the building, logo and connect.

Fox Plaza, LA featuring as Nakatomi plaza in Diehard and the logo is the fictional Nakatomi Corporation in the movie.

8. How is this book significantly immortalised ?

The book was by ornithologist James Bond whose name was borrowed by Ian Fleming for his protagonist.

9. What is the poster a parody of ?

Parody of 'Munich' movie poster

10. Identify the movie and what is the significance of this scene.

The only (fraction of a second) scene from Enter the Dragon where both the legends, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are seen together. (click link for video)


K Suresh - 18.5 (Congrats !)
Sripriya - 18 (Congrats !)
Rad Krish - 16 (Good Show !)
Bharat - 15
Raja - 12
Karthik U - 9
Ashok Gharpure - 9
Radhika - 9
Animesh - 8
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Kaushik - 6
Anubhav Chatterjee - 4
Arkadev Ghoshal - 4
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Aditya Gupta - 2
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  1. 1. prequel



    4. Profit sharing with the author

    5. Ronald Reagan

    6. Feluda-Topshe. Satyajit Ray


    8. Author of the book - James Bond


  2. 2. Marlon Brando, African queen, humphrey Boggart , street car named desire
    3.umbrella corp- resident evil
    weyland yutani -alien
    omni consumer products - robocop
    tyrell- blade runner
    cyberdyne- terminator
    4 became first original screen play writer ( as opposed to adapting from novel I suppose)
    5 Ronald reagan
    6. feluda and his nephew/cousin/ tapas.
    8. James bond wrote the book and 007 pretends to be abird watcher and carries the book in Die Another Day!
    9.Spielberg's Munich based on carnage at 72 olympics.
    10 Enter the dragon pits Lee against an unknown stuntsamn who is now known the world over Jackie Chan!
    1. prequel?
    7. I seem to remeber the building but still can't figure out. Is the building in Melbourne?

  3. 1. prequel
    3. Bladerunner
    4. He charged a percentage from the earnings of the movie.
    5. Ronald Reagan
    6. Tapesh and Pradosh C Mitter (Feluda) - Creator is Satyajit Ray
    8. Book writted by James Bond. The author's name was used by Ian Flemming to name his spy-character.
    9. Spielberg was criticized for his movie 'Munich' where he showed superiority of Jews. This is a parody of the sep 11 bombing.
    10. Enter the dragon


    Anubhav Chatterjee

  5. Anonymous01 June, 2010

    when are the answers goin to come up

  6. 2.x-forest gump
    w-tim robbins
    y-andy dufrain
    z-tom hanks

  7. 6.feluda and topse by satyajit ray.