QOFG 3 - Connexn Quiz - Answers

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Time for the answers and scores for the connection quiz QOFG - 3; Decent response, nobody maxed, few came awfully close though...

1. This stone is named after the flaunter and the buyer. Name it.

The Taylor - Burton diamond bought by Richard Burton for Elizabeth Taylor

2. Identify the kid who rocked the world.

Elvis Presley

3. It was originally titled Al capone. Written about a woman named Annie, who was attacked by an assailant in her apartment, what was this famous piece titled ?

The song, Smooth Criminal

4. What is the claim to fame of this song ?

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First Video on Mtv

5. It is a chronic disorder and a familial trait in domestic animals; called the Pinky Syndrome it is common with Arabian horses and dog breeds like Dobberman and Rottweiler. Also prevalent among humans, what is this unfortunate condition termed?


6. Mother of all sitters...Identify the composer and the movie.

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Quincy Jones in Mackenna's Gold

7. Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe probably is the first English novel to use the term. The term possibly could owe its usage to the appearance where, as Crusoe shot down many of these birds and hung them like English prisoners. In Japanese mythology, it appears as a deity Kuebiko, who knows everything about the world but who cannot walk. What is the word in question ?

The word is Scarecrow

8. This African country has strong links to the US of A, as much represented by its flag and so much that its capital is named after an US president. Name the country ?


9. Who is the speaker and what is the purpose of the first speech and the occassion of the second speech. ?


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or download from link http://sites.google.com/site/kartheegeyansstore/home/qofg-3-1/audio9b.mp3

The first speech is JFK requesting for higher funds for space research and putting man in space and trying to pass the bill in the senate.
The second speech is again JFK announcing the US goal of putting man on the moon..after Alan Shepherd, became the first american to fly in space.

10. This flower is named appropriately for its vivacious beauty and the colour. Remember the ill fated pink jacket..?

The Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis Water lily

CONNECT : The grand connect is Michael Jackson and here is how it connects.

1. Elizabeth Taylor, long term friend of MJ and the first person to refer him as 'King of Pop'
2. Elvis Presley, King of Rock, MJ owns copyrights of his songs and also married his daughter, Lisa Marie.
3. Smooth Criminal - a direct connect
4. The first song on MTV and MJ's 'Billie Jean' was the first black video to break the colour barrier and appear on MTV
5. Vitiligo - MJ suffered from this skin ailment
6. Quincy Jones; MJ and QJ became a winninng combo producing many successful albums starting with Thriller
7. MJ played the role of Scarecrow in his acting debut Wiz (the adaptation of Wizard of Oz) where he met Quincy Jones
8. MJ's Liberian Girl
9. Moonwalk is an obvious connect, but I was looking for something more arbit like Moonwalk which is MJ's autobiography which was nicknamed 'Neil Armstrong' till publication.
10. Jackie Kennedy edited the MJ autobiography - Moonwalk.


Kaustuba Venugopal - 24 (Good Show !)
Karthik U - 23 (Congrats !)
Shardha Sankarraman - 22.5 (Congrats !)
Raja - 19
Govind Paliath - 17.5
Ashok Gharpure - 17
Radhika - 15
Kunal - 14
Mayura G - 14
Magesh Shanmugham - 10
Ramanand - 10
Uma Murthy - DNS

Check out the leaderboard for consolidated scores and await the next quiz shortly..

Kartheegeyan S

QOFG 2 - Connexn quiz

Hello World,

Lukewarm response for the second quiz...nobody maxed and only one cracked the connection...

Pls find the answers:

1. A paralympic selected for this task added to the drama. He was one of 200 people considered; sunrise practices with wind machines simulating different weather conditions and he was one of 4 people waiting for their moment; 2 hours before the actual release, he became the chosen one...though a manual backup was ready for a worst case scenario, he apparently did not miss the target and got his 5 minutes of fame. Though later video slo-mos proved that he actually missed the target, the gas which was fully open saved him the blushes. Who is this person and what was his sporting moment of fame ?

Antonio Rebello, the archer who shot the flaming arrow to light the olympic torch in 92' Barcelona. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0nNBLxY0pM

2. Connect the three visuals:

The first visual is the advt. for Chupa Chups (sugar free) lollipop...the second face is Mae West...The third visual is Vadivelu with a unique moustache from the movie.

The connection is Salvador Dali (He designed the logo for Chupa Chups, drew the surrealist painting Face of Mae West Which May Be Used as an Apartment in 1935, and Vadivelu sports the Dali moustache. Check Links:-

3. The bird or the animal...and that's the question.

The connection is Canary Islands. Tweety is a canary and on the right is the coat of arms of Canary Islands. The Islands are named after the dogs (Isla Canariis) and not the birds (though they are found there) which is a misconception.

4. Commentator Bud Collins nicknamed her the '________ Bumblebee'. She started playing tennis at age four, when she followed her older brothers to the court and hit balls against the wall with her first racquet. As a 17-year old, she became the youngest winner of the women's singles title at a Grand slam tournament defeating Steffi Graf in the final. Monica Seles broke the record the following year when she won the title at age 16. She holds the records for the most matches won by a player in Fed Cup competition at 72. Name this legend who achieved her worth by true grit and hardwork competing with arguably more talented contestants ?

Barcelona Bumblebee, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario

5. Evolution of ?

Evolution of Shell logo of the petrochemicals giant

6. Connect the three visuals to a legend:

Shatranj ki khilari, all three Padma Awards and an advt. for NIIT...the connect is Viswanathan Anand

7. AB, Identify the perfume line.

The perfume line is that of Antonio Banderas

8. Identify this logo:

The Olympics bidding logo of Madrid 2016

9. What does this illustration depict ?

It depicts Queen Isabella donating her jewels to fund Columbus's voyage

10. What are these models named after ?

Adidas models named after the festival La Tomatina

The Grand Connect is - SPAIN

1. Barcelona 1992 Olympics
2. Salvador Dali
3. Canary Islands (governed by)
4. Arantxa
5. Shell logo (The yellow and red colours used are thought to relate to the colours of the flag of spain as Shell built early service stations in the state of California which had strong connections with Spain)
6. Viswanathan Anand (a resident of Collado Mediano in Spain)
7. Antonio Banderas (popular face from Spain in Hollywood)
8. Madrid
9. Queen Isabella of Spain
10. La Tomatina (the popular street festival of Spain)

Scores: (25)

Kaustuba Venugopal - 13 (Good Show !)
Ashwini - 10 (Congrats !)
Raja - 9
Magesh Shanmugham - 8
Radhika - 7
Mayura G - 6
Vamsi - 6
Pandiaraj - 6
Crescent - 4
Sandeep Kumar - 2
Uma Murthy - 2

Thanks for your response and feedback. Please standby for the next quiz.

S Kartheegeyan