QOFG 5 - Ind(ia)ependence Quiz

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Answers to the Ind(ia)ependence Quiz, a quiz on India and her Independence movement.

The number of responses were far and few...hardly patriotic to note...and nobody maxed.

1. What / who does this painting illustrate and who is the painter ?

The illustration of Bharat matha by Abanindranath Tagore, nephew of RNT.

2. Who sang the song Vande Mataram on the first (Independence) session of the Indian Constituent assembly on the early hours of 15 August 1947 ?

Sucheta Kripalani
who went on to become India's first woman Chief minister.

3. Identify the flag.

The flag of the British East India Company, though it went through many changes, this was the first.

4. This legend was born around 1725 in the Hindu Vellalapillai caste in Tamilnadu. From modest beginnings he joined the troops of Arcot and later became the commandant of the East India company forces. He proved an able administrator when he was entrusted with the responsibility of administering Madurai after the decline of the nayaks in the region, during which period he converted to Islam. He eventually turned against the Nawab and the British after a feud erupting between the two and organised a revolt against them. His revolt against the British predates the 1857 uprising and ranks as one of the true armed reprisals against the British with a mobilised and organised army. Eventually his aides were bribed to have him caught and he was hanged in 1764 in Madurai. How is this forgotten legend (and remembered for other reasons) popularly known as?

Muhammed Yusuf Khan
, originally and popularly known as Marudhanayagam (Pillai). He is hardly remembered except for Kamal Hassan's unfulfilled biopic on him.

5. Identify this cover / story of Amar Chitra Katha ?

Anand Math
(ACK version of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's novel on the Sanyasi Rebellion of the 1700s)

6. She was born in Switzerland. She later married an Indian, took the nationality of India and became a Hindu and came to be known as ________ Bai. Thanks to her artistic skills and indepth knowledge of the mythology of India, the Vedas and the Sanskrit language she was entrusted with this responsibility. Identify the person and what is the responsibility?

Savitri Khanolkar and the designing of the Param Vir Chakra

7. Identify the singer.

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MS Rajeswari in the movie Naam Iruvar.

8. Considered the revolution’s best general. A day after his hanging, the London Times mentioned in its report of this popular hero’s hanging that a great scramble was made by officers and others to get a lock of his hair. Identify.

Tantya Tope

9. Lal Bahadur Shastri coined the slogan Jai Jawan; Jai Kisan indicating the importance of security and self sustenance of food for the country. Who added what to the slogan to underline the importance of something else to the nation's progress as late as 1998 ?

Atal Behari Vajpayee added Jai Vighyan (Hail Science !) to the slogan after the Pokhran tests of 1998.

10. Identify all pics and connect:

Nobody cracked this...though not very tough... the pics in clockwise order from top left indicate Mrignayani (a painting of a lady - mrignayani means 'doe-eyed'); Talai Cauvery (the origin of River Cauvery; Phoolkari embroidery; Trimourti cave rock-cut at the Elephanta caves; the ruins of Poompuhar in Tamilnadu; the Lepakshi nandi statue in Andhra Pradesh; and the two logos in the middle are that of TV channels Kairali and Gurjari. The connect is simple as that of the names of Handicraft emporia of different states of India - Mrignayani - Madhya Pradesh; Cauvery - Karnataka; Phoolkari - Punjab; Trimourti - Maharashtra; Poompuhar - Tamil Nadu; Lepakshi - Andhra Pradesh; Kairali - Kerala and Gurjari - Gujarat.


1. Ajith Kumar JSV - 18 ( Good Show ! )
2. Rad Krish - 17 ( Congrats ! )
3. Sripriya - 17 ( Congrats ! )
4. Raja - 16
5. Ashok Gharpure - 16
6. Karthik U - 14
7. Mayura G - 13
8. Radhika - 12
9. Shekar Singh Sengar - 10

Pls check leaderboard for consolidated scores and await the next quiz.

S Kartheegeyan

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